We offer a complete range of hydraulic lifts.

Main benefits for hydraulic drives is its low-maintenance and economic operation.

Our main policy since inception has been energy efficiency. We have managed to break the efficiency barrier through top quality components and the ultimate technology in hydraulic driven lifts.

Our hydraulic lifts have the following features as standard

  • 30% energy efficiency as standard
  • Maximum travel 24000mm, 8 stops
  • Energy efficient controller
  • Automatic Emergency evacuation
  • Machine room can be located anywhere
  • Highly customisable design
  • Maximisation of shaft space
  • Full compliance to EN81.2 regulations and lifts directive 95/16/EC

 Through usage of the latest generation of hydraulic systems, we are capable to achieve:

60% efficiency – inverter driven – energy efficient innovation 

This is the perfect solution for frequently used lift installations in public buildings such as airports,

train stations and shopping centres.

– Save energy

    Energy savings of up to 60% can be achieved.

– High travel performance

    Up to 200 rides per hour are possible without oil cooler and costly machine-room ventilation.

– Low-noise technology

    As much as 10 dBA quieter in the machine room.

– Short and consistent travel times, irrespective of load and temperature

   Irrespective of load and temperature, this hydraulic drive ensures a high degree of stopping accuracy, short and       consistent slow-speed travels, and delay-free starts – with unvarying, unsurpassed ride comfort.

– Flexible

    Existing installations with overheating issues can be upgraded easily.

– Inexpensive installation, operation and maintenance

   The effort and costs of installing oil cooling are eliminated. Hydraulic components suffer less wear thanks to the lower oil temperatures.

The combination of electronic VF-LRV valve and the frequency inverter allows for absolutely perfect ride characteristics:

–          Precision levelling in up and down directions (+/- 3mm)

–          No start lag, fast and smooth start

–          Start current limited without soft starter

–          Further reduction of installation and maintenence costs

           operation without motor contactors (TÜV-certified)

–          Max. reduction of power connection

           load dependent speed control (limits current required)

–          Regeneration package available to feed up to 30% of the drive energy back into the grid