Lift’s maintenance agreements

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We do offer our clients three packages of lift’s maintenance agreements. This includes a 24hr emergency evacuation.



The Preventive Maintenance routines includes:


  • Operation of door circuits, and mechanical interlocks
  • Door sensitivity, wear of slide shoes, contacts, door suspension carriage rollers
  • State of traction ropes and any traction rope hitches.
  • Rope lubrication
  • Wear of grooves in the sheave
  • Wear of Brake lining
  • Checking of axes and hubs of the joints
  • Checking of brake springs
  • Reliability and safety of speed governor check-up and bearings
  • Slack rope and switches operation
  • Over speed contact governor contact operation
  • State of buffers and oil level
  • Checking of alarm device and emergency stop as well as rescue systems of lift
  • General state of car and frame. Car lighting and car stop switches.
  • Distance between car and landing doors, toe cards and obstacle sensitivity.
  • Checking of car load plate
  • State of counterweight frame especially nuts, locknuts, guide shoe supports, etc
  • Checking of rope clamps, nuts, locknuts and safety pins of the rope sockets.
  • Checking grounding of safety circuit conductors
  • Make sure that safety devices cause lift to stop completely
  • Checking of necessary current and voltages
  • Checking of limit switches and final safety switches work properly.
  • Artificial lighting in shaft lift and pit.
  • Car roof pushbutton panel operation
  • Examination and test for possible DBG variation on car and counterweight guides
  • Examination and test of cylinder ceiling and valve joint.
  • Check that lift works according to the specifications concerning speed, acceleration and deceleration and make proper adjustments.
  • Manual check of down valve for suspension and safety valve.


Contacting the lift’s section:


General Telephone Line including repairs



Emergency Rescue Telephone Line



General Telephone Line including repairs



Preventive maintenance and certifications section:

21441300 ext 22 or 11